Product Development

Product Design

The best designed projects occur when Winning Solutions meets and collaborates with their clients to define and specify project goals and objectives which includes cost and schedule.

At that point we can create line and thumb nail drawings to communicate initial concepts.

Once design direction is narrowed, then photo realistic renderings can be created using 3D Studio Max along with Preliminary Pro-E drawings for prototyping and costing exercises.

Graphic Design

Once design direction is selected, Winning Solutions can begin the graphic design process.

The design is based on information that we gather from the client. This includes: client budget, target consumer, what type of retailer, retail price and key features that need to be communicated to the consumer.

We will also help to determine what package style is best for the type of product being sold, communication needs and cost. We utilize Adobe Creative Suite to create our design.


Using the project goals and objectives defined at the start of the project, Winning Solutions will use the latest software to detail and finalize the engineering. Engineering will design the product so that it meets all form, fit and function objectives.

Where required models can be created. In addition, Engineering will work to ensure that all designs meet safety and reliability requirements. Throughout the engineering and design process, cost and schedule as well as manufacturability is top of mind.


The best design in engineering cannot be realized in the final product without the selection of excellent manufacturing partners. At the beginning of the project, WSI starts to consider which factories are best suited for your project.

In these times with dramatic increases in material and labor costs, it is critical to select vendors that you can trust to work with you to maintain costs and schedule without sacrificing quality.